Alessandro Marsilli

Alessandro Marsilli, naturalist, after obtaining the high school diploma in scientific studies, graduated at the University of Parma with a thesis on the Eco-ethology of the capercaillie in the Brenta mountains. After his graduation, he attended an advanced course at the University of Parma on the Preservation and Management of fauna in the Alpine regions.

He is a Naturalist, technical-environmental Consultant, Nature Hiking Guide (in Italian GAE), territorial Guide for the Autonomous Province of Trento (in Italian AdT), representative for the territory of Alto Garda and Ledro, certified guide for blind, visually-impaired and autistic people, Environmental Educator for the Environment Protection Provincial Agency. He is committed to environmental divulgation and interpretation. He deals with the organization and management of centres of environmental education, planning, coordination and implementation of museum installations, landscape enhancement through the design of nature trails for blind and visually-impaired people, censuses and geo-database of environmental assets.

He is Advisor of the Natural Science Society of Trentino.

He is author and co-author of various publications in both scientific and nature fields and of Meraviglioso Brione: flora e fauna della “vedetta del Garda” (Marvelous Brione: flora and fauna of the Garda lake famous lookout”) and Trentino in tutti i … sensi, itinerari facilmente percorribili per famiglie con bambini, anziani e diversamente abili (Trentino in every sense, easy paths for families with children, elderly or disabled persons) by AlcionEdizioni.